Get Started

This documentation shows how to self-host for Discord. If you want us to host your bot instead, please go to the Portal (free).


To self-host you'll need the Unlimited Plan.


:::info Links Used

Repl UptimeRobot Discord Server


1. Intro

👋 Hello! If you want to create a bot with for Discord, but also want to self host, then you've come to the right place! In this tutorial we'll be setting up a Repl Project, Importing the Bot, Setting up the Bot, Adding the Bot, and making the bot run 23/7.

2. Creating a Project

Let's get started! Open Repl in your browser, and log in or sign up. Its free. Once you're at the homepage, go ahead and create a project. You'll see something like this: alt text

Once you see this, click the plus button (top right) and choose Node.js as the language.

alt text

3. Importing the Files

Once your project has been created, you'll see something like this:

alt text

Delete index.js because it will overlap with our new bot files. Now, you can import the bot. Make sure you have the zipped folder that was given to you at signup.

alt text

4. Setting the settings

Copy all the content from sample.env to .env

alt text

Then fill in everything. Make sure you delete the info part and spacing too (looks like this // this is some info).

alt text

alt text

5. Finishing the Bot

If you haven't already, add your Discord Bot to your server.

alt text

Now, we can run the Repl. If it shows this (below), then your installation was successfull!

alt text

Now, if you go back to Discord, you'll see that your Bot is online.

alt text

We can run test?help (where test? is my prefix) and see all of the bot's commands. These can be extended with the /commands folder in your Repl.

6. Online 23/7

Repl's will go to sleep after an hour. To ensure that your Bot has minimal downtime, we'll set up UptimeRobot. To get Started, open Repl and copy it's url. If you can't find it, this it the format: (and replace PROJECT and USER).

Open UptimeRobot in your browser, and log in or sign up. Its free. Once you're at the dashboard, go ahead and create a monitor. You'll see something like this:

alt text

Set the Monitor Type to HTTP(S) and fill in everything else the way you want. Then, click "Create Monitor".

7. All Done!

In this document we went over how to publish a Discord Bot from a template and how to make the bot 23/7. I hope you liked it! If you have any questions just join our Discord Server (below in footer) and message in #general.